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IP based voice solutions with multiple fail-over protection designed in - cost effective, flexible and robust. Supporting rich functionality including a one number, "go anywhere, reach me any how" facility.
Providing advanced functionality, greater freedom in deployment, flexibility in how and where you work and delivering real savings over traditional phone systems/voice providers.
Maximiser from SpliceCom - a business telephone system, designed and developed in the 21st Century for those requiring between 4 and 10,000 IP or analogue extensions. Completely scalable in design and distributed in architecture, all maximiser systems are built around just four modules representing two core components – Call Server and Phone Module. One of these four modules, the 5108 Call Server – has been specifically designed to meet the needs of smaller businesses and the branch offices of larger organisations. Embracing open industry standards wherever they exist, all maximiser solutions appear to customers, employees and system administrators alike as a single system, no matter how many separate sites, homeworkers or mobile employees are encompassed. maximiser is configured and managed as a single system via a standard web browser.
Supporting rich functionality including a one number, "go anywhere, reach me any how" facility, GSM mobile extensions, multi-site hot desking, voicemail, auto-attendant, unified messaging and call recording as standard, maximiser is just at home, and more importantly proves cost-effective, for simple 4 extension "dial-tone" PBX requirements as it does in fully converged, multi-site installations.

A web-based application suite, Vision offers a Business Dashboard for companies of all sizes, delivering a comprehensive range of real-time information and historical reports to those that need it, irrespective of where they might be. Technical Support or Sales Order Processing, Customer Service or Accounts, Help Desk or Sales, whatever area of the business a customer needs to focus on, Vision displays the answers. This allows organisations to identify issues and rectify them before they become business-impacting problems, whilst optimising resources at all times for maximum productivity.
Vision Live Few organisations even begin to harness the true power of their telephone system. Because they’ve both been developed by SpliceCom, the combination of maximiser and Vision delivers on this promise, all day, every day allowing Company Directors and business managers to really understand how their business is performing. Vision Reports, Vision Record and Vision Live deliver valuable real-time and historical information, including call recordings. And for your workforce, Vision Mobility offers similar levels of personal telephony management and control when they’re away from the office, making them truly mobile.
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