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Off-Site Data Backup

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Off-Site Data Backup

Route 2 under the brand DataStrongRooms specialise in Data Backup, Protection and Disaster Recovery Planning for the business sector.

Our principals have over 15 years in communications and critical data transfer. As a result of our experience, we have been able to tailor our services to meet the specific needs of the business sector.

We have scoured the industry and found the best in-breed software and we bring that to you.

Our Backup Network has been built from the ground up with Security, Reliability, Integrity, Performance and Scalability in mind and offers high levels of Fail-safes.

Our primary StrongRoom location is Sungard AS in Parkwest, Dublin 12 and our secondary replication site (DR) is based in the Cable & Wireless facilities in Dublin 17.

What We Offer

  1. What We Offer
  2. Low set up fees
  3. Easy Payment by standing order
  4. No restore fees
  5. Low cost install, free support and free training - all provided remotely to minimise disruption

How Does it Work?
DataStrongRooms uses an improved and convenient alternative to the traditional process of storing backup copies of your files on tapes or CD's. Your data is stored securely and automatically via your standard broadband internet connection and is available to you around the clock. Your data is compressed then encrypted before leaving your computer, so your private information - stays private! We take the reliance on a human out of the equation - the backup takes place automatically.

We run two programs - one on your computer/server called the "agent", the other on our servers called the "StrongRoom". These two programs communicate with each other and transfer your files using encrypted and compressed data streams that quickly and securely store your critical data in our electronic strongroom. Only you have access to this password protected data. Once the data is transferred, you are able to retrieve any of your backed up files by running the "agent" software in restore mode.

Don't Backup to Backup...Backup to Restore
Many companies backup every night and sleep confident that their data is secured... but unless you can restore your data it is a worthless exercise. DataStrongRooms confirms each backups status as successful or failed every day by email. With DataStrongRooms you know that even if you loose data you haven't - because with a few clicks you can confidently restore it.

And don't forget Route 2 are here to help you with any concerns or issues.

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