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Data Loss Prevention

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Data Loss Prevention

InterGuard - defends your business from the costliest threats originating inside your organisation. It’s an integrated suite of DATALOCK, SONAR AND LAPTOP COP. All three share a common, single agent desktop software architecture that overcomes the sprawl and limitations of conventional network-based security solutions. InterGuard operates preemptively to keep your organisation continuously ahead of today's constantly evolving threat landscape.

Data Lock

DATALOCK works with the flow of your business, providing essential protection for your company's IP, trade secrets, customer records and confidential data. It scans email and attachments instantly, at each computer, without having to contact a company server. This makes it the simplest yet most powerful solution for protecting against confidential data leakage.

Screen all email (and attachments) for sensitive data and block if desired
Protect from misuse or misappropriation of trade secrets, Non-Public Personal Information Control or stop use of removable media
Block files, based on their content, from being copied to removable media
Protect and enforce policies governing each employee’s computer use, including those that never connect to a network (even laptops)
Easy, intuitive policy creation
Coach and educate employees to adopt protocol and best practices for protecting company data
Reports back to secure server over standard HTTPS protocols, instead of network
Identify, track, and control who accesses your data, what data they access, and what they can and cannot do with that data.


SONAR offers full 360-degree protection for your business by monitoring and reporting of all employee computer activity on or off the corporate network.

Works invisibly and undetectably at each desktop, without impacting central network computer resources
Records all employee communications - Email (including. webmail) & Instant Messaging
Monitors and filters Internet use on and off the network (even on laptops)
Blocks or limits applications like P2P, IM
Records and analyzes all keystroke activity, regardless of the application used
Formats all data into easy-to-read reports, making it easy to find and evaluate critical security lapses
Screenshots taken whenever an alert word is typed or read on a webpage
Conclusive, actionable data hard-linked to a specific employee’s actions, with full individualised reporting on an employee’s computer activity

Laptop Cop

LAPTOP COP operates in an undetectable stealth mode, activating only when a laptop is lost or stolen. It goes beyond encryption so you can get back the laptop, and its contents.

Remotely retrieve important files invisibly, using any internet connection
Remotely delete files or an entire hard drive
Secure and confirm deletion to the highest Pentagon standard of unrecoverability
Geo-locate the stolen laptop, in real-time over any internet connection, often with greater accuracy than GPS
Monitor and control everything a thief does – every keystroke they type and file they access will be visible
Proportionate response – evaluate how serious any case of laptop theft or loss is and take appropriate preventative measures quickly
Lock down laptop after disappearance so files can’t be accessed
Superior laptop recovery integrates geo-location and data monitoring

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