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Enterprise email

FirstClass is a fully integrated suite of applications based around corporate email - designed to enhance communication, collaboration, and knowledge sharing within corporate environments. FirstClass takes communication capabilities well beyond standard groupware solutions by integrating a powerful set of features and applications for online collaboration, learning, content sharing and publishing.
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Off-Site Data Backup

Route 2 under the brand DataStrongRooms specialise in Data Backup, Protection and Disaster Recovery Planning for the business sector.
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SPAM filtering

iFilter from Route 2 can help your organisation fight spam. Our service works by adding a secure layer to your email delivery. Emails sent to your users are routed through to our servers where we filter the spam, virus and phishing emails.
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Featured Products
  • uBackup

    eMail Archiving

    Your storage of historical emails is overloading your company's servers yet you would like them to be accessible at all times. Your company has to become compliant which means you must store and be able to retrieve all data for a certain historical period.
  • Inter Guard

    Data Loss Prevention

    InterGuard - defends your business from the costliest threats originating inside your organisation. It's an integrated suite of DATALOCK, SONAR AND LAPTOP COP.
  • Laptop Encryption

    Laptop Encryption

    Computers - whether desktops, laptops, or PDAs - are loaded with critical data that can - as we read in the news almost every day - be lost, stolen, or hijacked in any number of ways. C2K protects that critical data more powerfully, and more transparently to users, than any solution currently on the market.
  • Route 2

    Premium PC support

    Route 2 provide remote and on-site premium support for Windows PC's, Servers, networks and printers. With highly certified engineers this service is available to a very limited number of customers.
  • Splicecom

    VOIP solutions

    IP based voice solutions with multiple fail-over protection designed in - cost effective, flexible and robust. Supporting rich functionality including a one number, "go anywhere, reach me any how" facility.
  • ZyXEL

    Routers, Wireless, Firewalls

    Leading manufacturer of DSL routers, wireless access points and firewalls - bringing high-end functionality and simplicity of deployment within the reach of many Irish companies.
  • ftopia

    Secure Online File Sharing

    An online space to share documents and files. You maintain complete control, in a secure, reliable and easy-to-use environment. Collaboration made easy.
  • ftopia

    eMail Marketing

    Communicate with your customers in the most effective and most affordable way. Keep your customers informed and coming back. Speak to them directly - straight to their Inbox.
  • Magnet Networks


    Connectivity from eircom, Magnet, UPC, MLNet. From DSL to fibre Route 2 offer independent advise on the best product and provide painless implementation of your chosen solution.
  • OWJO

    eCommerce Anywhere

    A micro-store that allows you to sell your goods almost anywhere online. You can add your OWJO store to any part of your website, your Facebook, your Bebo or almost any of your favourite social networking site.


Snap "For us a good service provider is all about the people and the service - the product has to be right but the people make the difference. All of our centres speak about Route 2 in glowing terms and I whole heartedly concur."
Dermot Bolger
Snap Group Office

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